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Huusk is a handmade Japanese chef's knife that is suitable for home or professional use. The unique blade sharpening technology makes the cutting surface very sharp, which is ideal for cutting meat or fish, as well as for slicing vegetables or fruits. The model is made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand even the most severe tests (cutting bones and joints, chopping, etc.). The pointed tip of the blade is ideal for chopping vegetables, and the back surface of the knife (heel) will allow you to conveniently and easily chop greens or fruits. This kitchen knife weighs only 252 grams, so even girls will find it comfortable to work with. The length of the knife is 28 cm, while the length of the blade itself is 15.5 cm. Special attention should be paid to the handle. It is made of natural oak using carbon inserts. The blade width is 5 cm, which makes it easy to cut chicken or fish in just a few minutes. One of the main advantages of Huusk kitchen knives is their price, which is 50-60% cheaper than competitors on the market. At the same time, you get a unique knife that combines the ancient traditions of Japanese craftsmen and advanced technologies.

Why Huusk?

Huusk kitchen knives are in high demand in USA and many buyers leave positive reviews about this model. What is the secret of such success?


For Fish

Cutting fish with this knife is a real pleasure. Thanks to the sharp blade, you can easily separate the skeleton from the fillet in just a few movements, without leaving precious pulp on the bones. The unique cutting capabilities of the knife are suitable for slicing fish or shrimp for sushi and rolls, as well as for working with crab, squid, mussels and other seafood.


For Vegetables and Fruits

Chopping vegetables, herbs and fruits is a pressing task in any kitchen. Often, to prepare salads or hot dishes, you need to chop vegetables and fruits quite finely. Only a well-sharpened knife can handle this. If you have Huusk, everything becomes much easier and faster. The razor-sharp blade of the blade will help you cut food into strips, cubes, chop greens, cut watermelon or shred Chinese cabbage. Find a way to order this versatile assistant to your kitchen. According to top chefs around the world, this is the model that deserves your attention. More information about the product can be found on the seller's website.


For Meat

If you're not vegan, there's definitely room for meat in your fridge. When working with meat in the kitchen, it is very important to have a sharp knife, because in most cases you have to separate the flesh from the bone, cut joints or ribs. To ensure that the process of preparing a juicy ribeye steak or rack of lamb does not take up a lot of your energy, use Huusk. These kitchen chef's knives make it easy to cut even large birds, and they do an excellent job of separating the joints and skeleton of a chicken or turkey. With their help, you are guaranteed to be able to cut pork, veal, venison and other types of meat. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a quality product cheaper than analogues. Fantastically sharp razor blades make slicing any food easy. No more cuts while cooking - the safety of this blade is top-notch. These models are made from high-quality Japanese steel, which ensures excellent blade sharpness and durability. Share your opinion about this product in the comments of our review.


Versatility of Use

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you decide to order Japanese Huusk knives. With its wide blade and rounded front edge, this knife can handle any task in seconds. With its help, you can cut a turkey or chicken into two halves, easily separate the fillet from the body of salmon or salmon, quickly cut pork or veal, chop vegetables for salad or soup, and perform any other tasks in the kitchen. According to user reviews, even after 4 hours of working with this knife, there is no feeling of fatigue or pain in the hand. Despite the sharpness of the blade, if used correctly you will be reliably protected from cuts and microtraumas. The wooden base of the handle does not cause skin irritation, even if you have to work with the knife under running water. The cooking process with Huusk brand knives will become more enjoyable and faster. The anti-slip surface reduces the risk of the knife slipping, and its low weight makes it ideal for working even with small products (cherry tomatoes, grapes, strawberries). A special hole located in the back of the knife is designed for the index finger and makes the cutting process even more comfortable. This will be a great helper in any kitchen in the world. You will certainly appreciate the ease of working with this kitchen tool. This model can be a great gift for anyone who loves to cook. The sharpness of the blade allows you to easily and precisely cut food, preserving its structure and taste.

Japanese Traditions & Technologies

Different chef knife manufacturers have their own unique features. Japanese knives are considered more unique due to the use of galvanic stainless steel with a sharpening angle of up to 38 degrees, while most European models have an angle of up to 18 degrees. The steel in Huusk knives is a combination of several layers. The center strip of the blade is made of harder steel, while the edges are made of softer steel to make sharpening easier. The multi-layer blade attracts attention due to its ability to withstand higher loads and stay sharp longer. Additionally, these Japanese Damascus steel knives are self-sharpening, which will also be a useful feature in your kitchen. Read customer reviews of this product to be convinced of its quality once again.


Ergonomic Design

Professional chefs around the world celebrate the unique ergonomic design of the Huusk chef knife. Due to the anatomically correct handle, this model provides a comfortable grip, does not slip and does not create friction, protecting the skin from calluses. If you decide to buy Huusk kitchen knives in USA, be sure to pay attention to products from Huusk. It is believed that they use the same production techniques that were used by craftsmen centuries ago to make katana for the samurai in Japan. Many chefs of the best restaurants in the world already have this unique knife in their arsenal. If you are looking for an inexpensive but high-quality option for home or professional use, be sure to pay attention to this unique kitchen knife, which you can order online in just a few minutes. This unique product is definitely worth a look. The products of this brand are several times better than other analogues.


Are These Knives Worth the Money?

We don't want our opinion of Huusk knives to sound like advertising. We are only talking about personal experience using these knives, and also comparing them with competitors, whose cost is sometimes tens of times higher. In our subjective opinion, this blade is the best combination of price, technology and quality. If you are not used to overpaying a lot of money solely for a brand, then you definitely need this knife.

Is Forging Used in Manufacturing?

Based on the information we found on the manufacturer’s official website, forging is not used in the manufacture of knives.

Does This Knife Need Sharpening?

Even if knives are advertised as self-sharpening, they still require constant sharpening. The more often you sharpen the blade, the easier and more convenient it will be to work with this knife.

What Steel Is Used in This Model?

According to the stated characteristics, 18/10 stainless steel with additional galvanic coating is used here.

Where Can I Buy These Knives in USA?

You can order original Huusk knives only in the online store of the official supplier. We will leave a link to the site in the description to make it easier for you to find it.

Denial of Responsibility:

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